GQOPT is a FORTRAN-based package of numerical optimization, and also contains numerous statistical and utility routines. It is available for a number of platforms.Older versions were available for as IBM mainframes, Vax computers, CRAY supercomputers. The current version, V. 7.20, is available for IBM-compatible PCs, Linux systems and Unix systems.

GQOPT is available by writing to me or sending me . The entire  Handbook of GQOPT, V. 7.05Handbook of GQOPT, V. 7.10, as well as the newly released Handbook of GQOPT, V. 7.20 are now available on the web, and you are advised to consult the Table of Contents. The IBM-compatible PC versions can use a variety of FORTRAN compilers; the one I use most often is the LAHEY LF95 compiler.

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