Last updated: March 19, 2004

Most Recent Changes Are the Following:

GQOPT 7.20 is also available under LINUX, using the Lahey LF95 compiler

In 1998, we introduced Version 7.00, in 1999 Version 7.05, in 2000 Version 7.10 and we are now introducing Version 7.20.

The new modules introduced in GQOPT V. 7.20 were the following:

and several other utility routines.

V. 7.05 introduced a SHELL that permits nearly automatic execution of many GQOPT functions, in many cases without having to write any Fortran code and has been extended to cover the new additions in Version 7.10.

In addition, the new appendix, Section E, which is devoted to tutorial examples and is expected to grow over time, has been further expanded.

A further change introduced in GQOPT V. 7.10 is the following:

GQOPT will no longer be updated for some older compilers such as the Lahey EM/32 compiler, the Microsoft Power Station compiler and the LF90 compiler.

Accordingly, GQOPT 7.20 will be available for the following platforms/compilers:

Lahey LF95 (Fortran 95 for Windows)

Lahey LF95 (Fortran 95 for LINUX)


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