My most recent books are the following:

This book deals with Western philanthropy to Eastern Europe after 1990 and draws heavily on my experiences during the 1990s, when I directed the East European program of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It should be of interest to students of the region and people interested in philanthropy and technology trasfer. It deals at length with assistance provided to universities and research libraries, the creation of business schools and management programs, agricultural technology transfer, assistance to scholars in the humanities and the many complex strategies that were often necessary to succeed in creating functioning programs. It pays special attention to the advantages of and the difficulties encountered in creating consortia in environments in which cooperation was not well known and was not rewarded during the previous Communist regimes. To order this book, go to

The book on the right is a translation from the Hungarian of a splendid volume by Professor Vilmos Csányi, professor of animal ethology at the Eötvös Lóránd University in Budapest. It deals with the intelligence and the emotions of dogs and should be of interest to scholars and dog lovers alike. It combines good science with delightful anecdotes about dogs. It is based on detailed studies of dogs, often conducted by Csányi's team, and on keen observations of his own dogs, Flip and Jerry. To order this book, go to

In addition, a recent on-line book edited by Andrew Lass and myself is Union Catalogs at the Crossroad, published by the Hamburg University Press. It deals with all aspects of union catalogs and contains papers by western library experts, library experts from Eastern Europe, as well as from South Africa, and chronicles the achievements in transitional societies that were isolated from modern developments for a long time. It is available in pdf format or in zip format. A hard copy may be ordered from the Hamburg University Press.

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