WINETASTER is a program that allows you to analyze the rankings or grades assigned to wines in a "blind" tasting by a number of judges. It gives you two basic options:

  1. 1: You can ask the participants in the tasting to "rank" wines, i.e., assign ranks such as 1 (for the one a judge liked best), 2, etc.
  2. 2: You can ask judges to "grade' the wines, i.e., assign grades such as "Parker grades" on a scale of, say, 1 to 100 or 1 to 20 or whatever.

The program will ask you to input the names of the "judges," their rankings or grades of the wines, and only after all the ranks or grades have been entered will it ask you to input the names of the individual wines (which should not be revealed before all the ranks or grades have been entered). (Normally, in a tasting you might be told which wines you will be drinking, but the bottles will be covered and identified only with letters such as A, B, C, etc., so that you do not know which wine is which).

WINETASTER will then compute a number of statistical measures to identify

The information that is computed is then arranged by the program in a ready-to-print report, with the additional option that you may add descriptive comments on the significance of the tasting.

To see what the output from this looks like, you can look at the results of the famous 1976 tasting of American and French wines.

You may download a demo version of the program. Right click here to download WINETASTER. The demo program is called tdem.exe, and you can execute it from a DOS window by typing its name. The programs retains the full functionality of the real version except that it is restricted so that it can do tastings for only three judges and three wines.

The price for WINETASTER is $79.95.

You may order this program from me by writing or sending e-mail to to me.

Richard E. Quandt
c/o Liquid Assets
32 Nassau Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Fax: 609-924-8394

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